Tia Brazda’s debut EP,“Cabin Fever” burst onto the scene in February 2012, hitting #1 on iTunes Canada Jazz chart as well as charting on college radio stations across the nation. Having honed her cutting edge sound in the clubs of Toronto, Tia Brazda’s sassy songs and pin-up girl style have made a startling impression. Globe and Mail declares her music “a technicolour swing that’s just the thing” while Metro New’s states,”her talent, style and attitude are all befitting of stardom.”
The title track “Cabin Fever” – which also plays on CBC Radio One and Jazz FM.91 – is a big band type affair while the haunting ballad of a broken heart,
“Thief In The Night” wouldn’t be out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack.
Tia Brazda’s music pays homage to the golden era while still remaining daringly modern.


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